Limited Edition Sticker Release

Breaking news: My Cardi B stickers have been produced and printed.

Some of you are undoubtedly Cardi B fans. Maybe you love her music, or follow her on Instagram, or shop at Fashion Nova. (I do not)

Back in February, she posted this video showcasing her custom diamond-encrusted cereal bowl from Lactaid, the lactose-free milk producer and lactose enzyme tablet creator. Turns out, Cardi B is lactose intolerant, or “lacto-intolerant, B****” in her words.

I was tagged in her post dozens of times, which came as little surprise. She created comedy gold for all of us dairy free people out there.

Preview of the Cardi B sticker, available for order now


A friend of mine suggested I turn the video into a sticker, which I obviously loved. It took a bit to design, produce, and print, but it is now here! Thank you to everyone who made this possible. (Coleman Martinson and Lauren Newton, especially.)

Don’t hesitate to put your orders in for these stickers – they’re limited edition for a reason. The Dairy Queen has now existed for just over a year, and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate.

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