How To Find a Decent Dairy Free Granola Bar

I get it. You woke up late, you have class in 20 minutes, and 15 of those are dedicated to your skincare routine. Breakfast is not happening today. So, what do you grab before you head out the door? A Pop Tart? A banana? Nope – a granola bar. But if you’re dairy free, this takes extra thought. Are granola bars dairy free? Continue reading How To Find a Decent Dairy Free Granola Bar

Favorite French Toast

I couldn’t find a quote that did this French toast justice. Dairy-free French toast is essentially unheard of at most restaurants (at least any I’ve been to). This is unfortunate because French toast is a favorite breakfast of mine, thanks to my mother. She made us breakfast nearly every Sunday morning and switched off between scrambled eggs and French toast each weekend. Last weekend, I … Continue reading Favorite French Toast